5 Sports Nutrition Tips for a Healthier You

Sports Nutrition Tips for a Healthier You
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It’s the start of a new year!

So how are we all feeling? Indulged a little over Christmas? I know I did! January can be a difficult month, it’s dark and cold and can feel tough! At the same time it’s also an opportunity to refocus, plan and prioritise your goals for the year ahead and beyond!

Whether your goal is to loose weight, increase your energy levels or improve your fitness, nutrition can help you achieve your goals. Here are some top sports nutrition tips to get you started.

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5 Sports Nutrition Tips for a Healthier You

1. Don’t skip meals

Eating regularly keeps your energy levels topped up, keeps you full and makes sure you give your body the nutrients it needs.

2. It’s all about Balance !

Look at your meals! Each meal should contain 3 key things. Carbohydrate (for energy) protein (for recovery and repair) and fruit or vegetables (for immunity and health)

3. Hydrate well! 

Drink! Your muscles are 70% fluid so how can you expect to perform at your best if you’re not drinking enough during the day?  Not drinking enough cam affect your energy levels, your recovery from exercise and your performance

4.Fuel up!

If you’re exercising over 90mins you need to top up your energy stores. Consider taking a good carbohydrate + electrolyte drink or using food or sports foods.

5. Recovery is key!

Not eating after exercise can affect your recovery and lead to illness and injury. Make sure you have a drink after exercise (a great option is chocolate milk) and eat a balanced meal.

For more sports nutrition advice to improve your health, wellbeing and performance seek the advice of a Sports Dietitian who can tailor advice to your individual needs.

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